Law School Application: Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

Letters of recommendation are a way for the Admissions Committee to gather more information on whether an applicant possesses skills important to law schools, such as problem solving, critical reading, written and oral communication, research, organization and analytic skills, and time management.  A letter of recommendation may also address an applicant’s passions, goals, and character.  A well-written letter of recommendation not only adds to the application, but sometimes can be a factor in the final admissions decision. 

When asking someone to write a letter of recommendation, you should consider someone who has high regard for your work, knows you well, and is a strong writer.  Once you have identified who you will ask, confirm with that person that they are able to write you a positive letter.  If possible, you should meet with the writer to discuss your letter and let them know why you are applying to law school.  Further, you should give them any supporting materials that will help them craft a better letter, such as your transcripts, resume, and a copy of your personal statement (even if just a draft).  Make sure this is done in a timely manner; you should give the writer at least two to three weeks to draft your letter.   

Some schools require you submit a letter that specifically addresses your character.  Quinnipiac Law does not request this type of letter.  Quinnipiac Law prefers letters to come from your professors unless you have been out of a school for an extended period.  Also, we ask that you refrain from submitting personal letters (even if from politicians, judges, your pastor or a congressperson), unless they worked with you directly and can write a specific and detailed recommendation.  The letter will not add value if they have limited first-hand knowledge of your skills and abilities.  The content of the letter is far more important to the Admissions Committee than the status of the recommendation writer.

If you have been out of school for a period of time and do not have a professor to ask for a letter, consider asking a current employer or colleague.  In their letter, they should specifically address whether you possess the skills necessary for law school (see first paragraph).

As with all elements of the application, read and follow the instructions for the number and type of recommendations requested.  Confirm with each school you are applying to as to how many letters they require.  Quinnipiac Law requires two letters, but will accept a third.


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